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Andrzej Sapkowski Andrzej Sapkowski is a Polish writer best known for his fantasy novels. His most popular and well-known series of books is "The Witcher" - a collection of stories about Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster hunter and sorcerer.

Sapkowski started writing about The Witcher in 1986, and since then his books have gained millions of fans worldwide. The series has served as the basis for a popular video game adaptation and a Netflix television series. In addition to “The Witcher,” Sapkowski has also written other books, including the series about Narek and Ciri, as well as novels like “The Tower of the Swallow” and “Blood of Elves.” Sapkowski is known for his lively and colorful writing style, sharp humor, and ability to create engaging and memorable characters. His books are often discussed in the context of philosophy, morality, and politics, making them not only entertaining fantasy works but also deep and meaningful texts. Andrzej Sapkowski is one of the most famous and successful writers of our time, whose works continue to delight and inspire readers around the world.

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All of the books arrived safely and in excellent time with postie. As I ordered a few the postage was free. All of this and the Highland Bookshop also benefits. Will definitely be using this service instead of Amazon for books in future.

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