How To Be A Star Right Where You Are: Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager Posted in: Blog, Books, Inspiration

No other book teaches actors and singers how to start their career OUTSIDE of Los Angeles. This book will teach you what to do to build your career in every state in the Country, and Abroad. Wendy will teach you 23 SPECIFIC Ways To Break Into Your Own Market And Start Building An Acting or Singing Career right where you live! You will also learn how to get a good Headshots, format your resume correctly, how meet casting directors, learn how to create your marketing materials, write cover letters, meet with Agents and Managers, and HOW TO FIND Film, TV, Print and Commercial work RIGHT WHERE YOU LIVE. INCLUDED: There are also sections for getting your KIDS into modeling and acting, PLUS a section becoming a Singer RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. This amazing e-book is a critical must-have for all new artists. This book is a GAME CHANGER and will JUMP START your career.


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