In a Ribbon of Rhythm



Every generation produces its own share of heroes (and sheroes to quote Maya Angelou), who at times unknowingly elevate us; inspire us; provoke us; challenge us; sensitise as well as influence us.

Every generation also showers us with witnesses to the adage ‘people’s person – motho oa batho ka batho – who rise to the occasion by transcending space time; by transcending gender and race; equally by transcending status and place.

Lebo Mashile is one of these people, and these are her words.

The ancient ones plait their stories into futures for their children
The ancient ones they use their hands to heal the backs of broken men
And I hold a pen for every ancient
Who dared not hold a fist
Against the tyranny
That sucked the life and hope out of their breasts
– An extract from ‘Ancient Hands’


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